Animated Banner Ads

The attractiveness of Animated Banners invite more clicks in comparison to static image. Today the web is full of innovative and interactive Animated Banner Ads to promote their services and advertise online. In an endeavour to provide our clients with a complete set of services, we provide professional quality Flash based banner ads and other scintillating animated banner ads.

The wide experience in creating Banner Ads allows us to create customized Ads as per the project's requirement. We make a point that all the Ads we create are clean, cutting-edge and attractive enough to entice the visitor at the first instance. Our Animated Ad Banner works on the following 3 stage strategy:

Striking First Frame Banner Ad - In order to communicate the message to the visitor, we work closely to make the first banner frame in a highly attractive manner. We thus make use of bright colours and concepts in the first frame.

Catchy Phrase - A catchy phrase works as a hook to evoke the much-needed interest in the viewer. Our creative team think of an interesting phrase to make the Animated Banner Ad more attractive.

Click Tactics - Including valuable information, our aim in creating Banner Ads is to compel the viewer to click it and reach the landing page. We thus involve various tactics to induce the visitor to click the ad like on-and-off lights, pop-ups and constant movement of graphics.

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