Custom Website Design

Different websites require a different approach. A company website requires a corporate look and feel, whereas a personal website requires an interactive appearance in an auto-biographical style.

When we design websites, we do not have a predefined idea in mind. It is only when we understand the nature of the business completely that we proceed with the brainstorming session. Our team of web designers, graphic designers, visual effects specialists, and motion graphic designers are committed to make a web design that is visually appealing and user friendly. We do not consider any design as final until you are happy.

How we do it?

We listen to you, consider your ideas and requirements, and design a website the way YOU require. Our idea is to give you a customized web design solution for your business model. Our professionals are equipped with latest design tools and technologies and employ the best design software for your needs.

The essentialities we provide in our Custom Website Designing service are:

Stunning Web Design: We put your ideas and our imagination into the web page and design them in an unusually attractive manner. We also incorporate the company branding and colours throughout the website in order to give it a distinct look.

Fast Web Page Loading: A beautifully created website, loaded with graphics, images and animation is of no use unless it gets opened quickly in all web browsers. We understand this issue and hence employ the right technology to make it sure that the pages we design open up faster and at all bandwidth speeds.

Easy Navigation: However fancy and extraordinary the designs we keep, our skilled designers make sure that the navigation structure of your website is easy and simple. This inturns decrease the visitors bounce rate and boost e-commerce activities.

Tableless Design: We appreciate tableless design for faster loading of the pages; hence we make DIV based designs. In an endeavour to design a clean, smooth and fast loading web design, and to make the designs search engine friendly, our designers also follow the practices laid out by the W3C international consortium.