Group Messaging

GDV Bulk SMS service is a new communication channel which empowers companies/organisations to send SMS messages to a huge target audience worldwide in a very short time through our web based application. The service is suitable to any industry where information is time critical.

Companies/organisations can do marketing and promotions through SMS, broadcast information to targeted/loyal customers, deliver alerts and notifications to mobile instantly during critical situations. In the message our platform can embed URL to access through mobile internet text, images, graphic and voice/video.

In-built SMS Gateway API facilitates the integration of Bulk SMS Service with customers existing website, ERP/CRM solutions or any other web based applications

Enterprises already tried varies ways to stand out of the competition, and Bulk SMS service is good choice for staying ahead of competition and it is used as a promotional tool and communication channel.

Product features:

• It is fast and easy to use.
• Contact Management.
• Schedule delivery with complex schedule creation.
• Generate Personalized SMS content.
• Send Bulk SMS with Personalized Content in few clicks.
• Schedule your SMS the way you want.
• Email to SMS.
• Keep Sent-SMS history for accounting.
• Allow Multi-User Login for single account.
• Create Complex Custom SMS templates for your business.
• Import customer info from a legacy database or from your Excel and CSV file.
• Choose your bulk recipients using distribution list and with criteria(s).

Enterprise Benefits:

• Build long lasting rapport with customer with the timely information.
• Customer retention.
• Value Added Service (VAS) to Customers.
• Competitive Benefits.
• Always on touch with customer (24 * 7 Customer Support).
• Keep customer engaged.
• Increase Footfall.
• High return on investment.
• Low cost advertising media.

Customer Benefits:

• Customers feel happy with the new service.
• Easy way to reach enterprise.
• Customers are kept updated with latest information.