Lead Management Solutions

We understand the importance of business leads and therefore offer automated and technically competent Lead Management Solutions (LMS) that manages and streamline the leads gathered from online and offline forms and campaigns.

Our skilled consultants and engineers have a rich experience in developing and deploying Lead Management Solutions for various business verticals like Banking, Computer Hardware and Peripherals, Mobile Phone Manufactures, Service Providers and Consumer Electronics. The LMS designed for all these industries are technically positioned to work on state-of-the-art technologies like ASP.Net, C Sharp, and SQL Database.

How does GDVs Lead Management Solutions Work?

Our tailor-made Lead Management Solutions are designed according to the specific business needs; however we have a stated process cycle that starts from a leads generation to leads completion in all Lead Management Applications:

 Leads are generated from various channels


 Leads are transferred to a centralized server which can send alerts


The Admin could allocate leads to concerned person of Sales, Servicing, Production and Support department


 Completed leads could be closed and incomplete leads could be queued up

So follow up your leads and never loose your business - let GDV design a LMS for you!