Mobile Appointments

This service provides customers easy way to get an mobile business appointments on the go. To book an appointment the customer just need to text the specified brand name and the system will return a WAP link, which need to be clicked or open in web browser. The consumer will have options to select consultants, available date and time and set the appointment. The customer will receive a conformation message.


If your service or business depends on appointments or reservations, you need to minimize missed opportunities as much as possible. After all, each missed appointment or reservation means lost revenue!

GDV offers mobile business appointments service, it's a web based application which allows clients to make SMS appointments or Mobile Internet appointment without verbal conversation. The service helps clinics or hospital for managing, tracking and analysing their appointment effectively and approving & rejecting appointments in a second. This service replaces your paper booking appointment and facilitates client to book appointment through mobile phone by simple text or mobile internet connection. Companies even can send an SMS to their clients to remind them of an upcoming appointment. The on-screen calendar lets you check your schedule and book the mobile business appointments.

• Mobile business appointments can be requested at any time and from any place 24-7
• mobile business appointments helps clients to make appointments while on the train or bus
• No more waiting on phone
• Most bookings are lost due to busy tone which can be avoided

The best part is that mobile business appointments are incredibly affordable, and any business or organization can setup and start providing Mobile Appointments in minutes.