Mobile Picture Classified

GDV Mobile Media Platform allows you to combine text, graphic and images, and send them as a single image file easily visible on any mobile phone with graphical screen and mobile data connection. This feature of mobile media platform allows you to reach thousands of customers to communicate about release of new product or service, about specials you may offer or simple to share information with people about your company.

Turn any static, traditional advertising medium into an interactive, direct response medium. Prospect just need to text to the brand name and GDV Mobile Media platform will respond with a picture of the item with information. The user is presented with a list of available pictures to view, and just need to click on the picture links.

The paperless image, graphic and text delivery by GDV mobile media platform is a cost effective replacement for conventional paper deliveries with a green and environment friendly solution. It can be used to deliver paperless promotional materials, specials and brochures directly to user mobiles.