Mobile Reminders

GDV mobile reminder provides means to reduce your revenue loss by minimizing your missed opportunities in case your service or business depends on reservation or appointments or subscriptions or recurring payments.

GDV SMS reminder service is a non-intrusive way to express your concern towards your customers in a least expensive way.

SMS reminder service is affordable to any business or individual and can start sending reminders in minutes from your computer with internet access.

Platform Features:

• A widget for your application or website to send reminders instantly.
• Set reminders with different recurrence type from our web interface.
• An API to integrate your existing ERP/CRM application or any other web application to access SMS reminder service.
• Edit the queued reminders any time.
• Easily change the number of reminders sent per appointment or payment.


• No more unproductive professionals waiting for customers who forget their appointment or payment.
• No need to spend hours making reminder calls.