Mobile Voting

SMS Voting is one of the most commonly used features of mobile text messaging solutions. It's easy to use, quick to get setup. GDV SMS Voting Service enables you to create all types of fun and engaging SMS votes and polls.

GDV Mobile Media Platform allows you to ask a multiple choice question with up to four choices.

All people need to do to participate in the mobile vote is to text your Mobile Keyword to short / long code number. They will then immediately receive back a text message that's customized by you with all the choices they can vote for. They simply need to reply back with just the number that's tied to the choice and that's it!

Application will make sure to record every vote and reply message, and every mobile number that participates in the vote is captured in your personal database so that you can also text the voters in the future. Application's voting service ensures that each mobile phone can only vote one time keeping things fair and simple.

Attractive Voting/Polling campaigns such as SMS survey, SMS poll, SMS quiz can be created using this service. A customer sees the ad in medial channel and interested viewers can cast their vote by sending a text message to a short/long code.