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A mobile website design is an essential component of today’s digital marketing strategy, as more consumers realise the convenience of mobile internet. Mobile internet connects customers with up-to-date information on demand and mobile website design is an essential part of today’s marketing.

GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION mobile website design are specifically considered to be compatible with mobile internet browsers, scaled to fit mobile handset screens, and practical for the mobile phone users. People are doing more and more search from their mobiles, and GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION has knowledge and experience to SEO optimise you mobile website and get you at the top of mobile search ranking.

Build mobile websites to enable your consumers to access information and services neatly, easily and conveniently, and give your business the edge via enhanced customer service and greater access to your target market. Our custom built mobile websites provide the following features:

  • Mobile website design accessible on all mobile phones
  • Automatic handset detection- automatically scales to fit
  • Full tracking and reporting of user activity
  • ‘Call to action’ links to mobile-site
  • Fully branded
  • Scalable

In addition to customised mobile websites , GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION provides mobile website templates, dozens of great looking templates to choose from. You can choose to have mobile website designed and customised specially for you needs, or convert your existing website into a mobile website.

We offer a variety of must have features to help you get the most out of your mobile website and provide high quality browsing experience to your visitors. GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION can help you to convert your existing website into a mobile friendly website. It is automatically synced with your regular website, optimised for all smart phones, with click to call feature and easy SMS to your business, free mobile analytics and optionally add mobile maps with directions.

GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION has a range of affordable mobile website design packages to build mobile website or to convert your existing PC website to mobile and to suit different needs and budgets. Can you afford to overlook mobile in your marketing strategy? Call us today to discuss your requirements and to receive free consultation.

Contact us and complement your existing marketing with an integrated mobile marketing strategy.