Mobile Websites

From the evolution of IE 6, IE 7, Mozilla, and Google Chrome browsers, we have over the years witnessed the compatibility of mobile websites improve and become the new face of the web. The number of users that browse the Internet using tablets and mobile devices has risen considerably in the recent decade.

The passion to converge the Internet, mobile and computer technologies, our passion at GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION has a powerful team of developers and programmers that are competent of designing mobile websites of exceeding quality. The inherent curiosity to learn and offer exceptional client servicing keeps the team upfront with the latest tools and technologies used in developing mobile websites. Refer the following technologies to know our technical competencies:

Wireless Mark-up Language (WML)  eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML) and eXtensible HyperText Mark-up Language (XHTML) as defined by W3C.

ASP.NET mobile controls for creating customized dynamic content in the appropriate mark-up language (HTML, WML 1.1, XHTML, etc.)

The pre-defined methodology we follow for mobile websites makes our task more streamlined and simple. Here’s how:

Multiple Mobile Browser Compatibility Test - ensures browsing through most of PDAs having different mobiles Browser.

Mobile Website Design - When we make designs or optimize any mobile websites, we ensure good browsing experience that is in sync with mobile devices. Use of minimum scrolls and crispy content also ensures good readability.

Simple Navigation and Design - The color scheme is chosen carefully and does not compromise with the display quality of the PDAs and mobile phones.

Optimized Graphics and Videos - To ensure a quick download even on low Internet bandwidth, we upload optimized graphics and videos.

Interested in designing a Mobile Optimised Website for your business? Contact us and keep all your worries at bay.