SMS Solutions And Applications

The roaring success of Short Messaging Service (SMS) is undeniable. The 21st century has witnessed the huge potential of sms solutions in the interactive market and thus various companies are designing, building, hosting and operating sms solutions to serve the specific business requirements.


GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION is one of the top companies with the potential of developing customised business applications developed on sms solutions technology. We integrate sms solutions with web applications or desktop applications that ultimately help you to send SMS to your customers, informing them about the latest products, services, schemes, events and promotional activities.


Our SMS solutions have been a wide success with our big and small scaled clients relating to marketing management, sales force management and customer service management. They agree that with our customised WAP and SMS solutions they have got a user-friendly platform exactly how they wanted.


Before you contact us for availing our services, convince yourself by reading the advantages of our sms solutions:


  •  Integration with existent information systems can be done by using our SMS solutions
  •  Real time integration with dedicated automated devices like machine-to-machine, GPS systems and SMSC gateways integration
  •  GPRS and other location based services protocol connectivity by using this application.
  •  User friendly interface
  •  High quality pictures, sounds and videos integration


So if you want SMS solutions for text messaging, communication and networking, inviting votes or ratings, or other purposes, contact us and let our friendly staff take care of the rest.