Wireless Solutions

As part of its wireless solutions, GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION is providing services as well as distributing IT, communications & electronics solutions to customers ranging from industry, hospitals, security and surveillance, to the retail sector and hotels all benefit from our cutting edge technology and value added mobile solutions.

Particular interest in GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION wireless solution development is given to mobile cloud computing that can be seen as an infrastructure where data and processing could happen outside of the mobile device, enabling new types of applications. From a smart phone or tablet perspective in particular, mobile cloud computing opens up possibilities for a new class of applications by leveraging handset centric features and network related information, such as mobile phone tracking software and/or cell-based location information, etc.

In development of wireless solutions GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION see the potential opportunities from utilising available mobile handset features and to harness storage, and computational capabilities of multiple networks to create a distributed infrastructure that supports a wealth of new applications.

Furthermore, mobile cloud computing extends cloud computing by providing enhanced service availability and by exploiting information about a user’s location, context and network intelligence, thereby considerably improving user experience. In its wireless solution development GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION is aiming to leverage the mobile device storage, sensing and processing resources for optimizing cloud based application and improve user experience.

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