Promotions Using Mobile

Mobile Promotions is a novel idea that is fast becoming the choice of many businesses today. Various small and big companies have been using Mobile Promotion campaigns and drawing potential business with the use of mobile technology.


Today people are keener to access information on PDAs and handheld devices rather than PCs and laptops. As mobile phones are in constant touch with the buyers, it helps the sales and marketing teams to promote their products and services through Display Banner Ad, Text Ad, SMS Ad, MMS Ad and Video Ad.


At GDV we offer the above mentioned mobile marketing services with rich and personalized content. Along with it, we use catchy phrases and innovative designs with a strong call-to-action theme. The wealth of experience in developing various mobile campaigns has enabled us to develop exceeding quality Mobile Interactive Campaigns and Mobile Branded Games.


So if you want to market your brand and evoke interest of the potential customers in your product/service, avail our Mobile Promotion services and see this getting real! Following are the benefits of our Mobile Promotion Campaigns:


  • Increased Interaction
  • Brand Building
  • Peer-to-Peer Viral Promotion
  • Cross-Cultural and Cross-Geographical Promotion
  • Reliable Communication Flow