About Company

We believe our name, Global Digital Vision, reflects our objectives. GDV takes great pride in the development of original and cutting edge technologies which enable people and companies to connect in a global digital world. All of our services are aimed at helping the elderly to improve their quality of life and comfortable independent living.

GDV's strategic vision is to succeed globally in the emerging convergence of internet, mobile and computer technologies. GDV provides an integrated and cost effective Wearable and Cloud based Platform (GDV HealthMate+) to monitor the vital health signs of residents in Aged Care facilities, Retirement Villages and Institutional Care providers. The system provides a user-friendly interface for care administrators and self-monitoring for residents in Retirement Villages, Residential care and Home care.

The services provided by GDV includes Early detection of abnormal vital health signs, Panic Button/ Emergency call, Programmable Electronic Fence (E-Fence), Fall Detection, Medication Reminders and Movement and Activity monitoring