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Use m-Coupons to increase sales and promote consumer loyalty.

  • Encourage repeat purchase

  • Increase product awareness

  • Get consumers to try a new product

  • Move overstocked inventory

  •  Target specific markets

  • Softening the blow of price increase

  • Launch a new marketing campaign

  • Respond to competitive pressure

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Why not use affordable GDV m-ticketing services to avoid paper ticket printing and distribution and deliver tickets directly to users’ mobiles? GDV SMS-Solution displays a ticket on the screen in the form of a barcode? After completing the ticketing transaction over the mobile/web, the bar-coded mobile ticket could be downloaded via a mobile website. The dematerialised bar-coded ticket contains all the information and the data no longer have to be retrieved from the data bank located on line or remotely.

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Picture Classifieds

Turn any static, traditional advertising medium into an interactive, direct response medium. Prospect just need to text to the brand name and GDV SMS-Solution system will respond with a picture of the item. The buyer is presented with a list of available pictures to view, and just need to click on the picture links.

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SMS is a powerful medium to capture feedback. Collect consumer feedback for the product/service purchased from you, consumer just need to text to the brands short/long code and follow by the comments. Based on the feedback, a replay message is generated. Optional, as soon as consumer purchase product/service our system triggers an SMS to the customer mobile to capture the feedback. Consumer can rate the produce/service, and the system will respond with follow up message. If the feedback is not good, the system can alert concerned department or person.

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SMS Appointment Service

This service provides customers easy way to get an appointment on the go. To book an appointment the customer just need to text to specified short/long code and follow up with comments. The customer receives an instant appointment conformation by SMS.

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GPRS Appointment Service

This service provides customers easy way to get an appointment on the go. To book an appointment the customer just need to text the specified brand name and the system will return a WAP link, which need to be clicked or open in web browser. The consumer will have options to select consultants, available date and time and set the appointment. The customer will receive a conformation message.

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Business Template

Company can schedule and deliver dynamic SMS using Business Template. Users query company database through SMS and get the desired info as SMS. Business Template replaces the company customer care centre.

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SMS4Info Service

Whenever user queries to a pre-defined keyword, our system sends an instant SMS replay with relevant info. This service can turn printed advertisement into an interactive medium.

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SMS Reminder Service

Enterprise can use this service to remind their customers regarding payments, events, important meetings or anniversary days. Our reminder service is easy to use and helps to retain customer base.

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WAP Push Service

Multimedia reach content such as ring tones, wallpapers, games and micro sites can be pushed through this service. It allows sending MMS messages to users.

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SMS Voting/Polling Services

Attractive Voting/Polling campaigns such as SMS survey, SMS poll, SMS quiz can be created using this service. A customer sees the ad in medial channel and interested viewers can cast their vote by sending a text message to a short/long code.

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SMS Subscription Service

SMS Subscription offers alert service to consumers. Consumers receive daily or weekly content on their cell phone, such as jokes, horoscopes, news reports, weather updates, offers, coupons, ringtones. This is an opt-in SMS service, which helps to record customer preference. Interested customer can opt-in to the service by simple texting selected keyword. After subscription the customer will receive periodic updates. The options is given to the customer to opt-out from the service in any point of time by simple texting stop keyword.

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