Facts and Figures

The scope of Internet has increased so much that it is considered that if your business is not on Internet, it does not exist.  With development of smart phones and increasing mobile broadband connection rates the internet presence becomes even more important. Following are listed the features and benefits of having an internet presence:

To Establish a Global and Easily Accessible Presence: Millions of people today have access to the World Wide Web on their PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones, and by the time you finish reading this page, the number would rise exponentially. To offer your products/services/messages to the community that has access to the WWW, you need to offer them a platform via the same channel. Today having an internet presence is a strong requirement to establish a powerful business brand.

Access on the move: To access millions of people on the move on their smart phone or tablets, a mobile internet presence is a must.

Target communication and advertising: Location based advertising allows to send target messages to mobile terminal users that are relevant to people intersts, timelly on retailers doorstep when they are in a buying mood.

To spread your Business Information beyond boundaries: Yellow pages and business directories were things of the past. However they would list your business nature and contact number, but for other information like your working hours, instant communication modes, promotions, your specialization and payment methods, a regularly updated website, mobile media and social media continuously updated message is a must.

To Publish Time Sensitive Material: Of all the marketing prospects, a website is the single most medium that allows you to release any material at the earliest. Information gets instant publishing in the business world with the help of a website and mobile internet.

To Sell Your Products/Services: E-commerce has undoubtedly emerged up as the best commerce source of the 20th Century. Whether it is a product, service or information that you intend to sell, websites have nearly become a virtual market place for buying and selling. Mobile advertising and mobile commerce (M-Commerce) are next phases of evolution of marketing and selling on the internet to take advantage of and not to miss.

To Make your Services available 24/7: Your business is global but your business hours are not. To be able to take all the business leads, you might not rely on postal inquires and their replies, or a customer care executive detailing the service offering on phone. A website eliminates all chances of wrong and incomplete information.

To utilise smart phone and mobile internet. Significant advances in mobile technology, mobile internet and handheld smart devices are rapidly extending the traditional ways of communication beyond the laptop/desktop and conventional Internet. Today a website and mobile internet are undoubtedly pertinent to a business success. It is the easiest and fastest way of advertising your business; and gets you access to the best manpower, vendors, existing and prospect clients and vice-versa.

With our mobile applications and solutions we help you to do business on the move, connect and socialize with people anytime and from any place!

So if you do not have an internet presence for your business at required level yet and want to establish a sense of authenticity and confidence in the community in which your business exists, contact us TODAY.