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GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION has been developed a number of various Location Based Advertising and Mobile Advertising solutions since 2009.

The potential of Location Based Advertising is enormous for mobile phones and in particular to smart phone users. Mobile advertising is the practice of placing a marketing message, promotion or sponsorship call-to-action within various media properties that make up the mobile cannel, including mobile websites, search, applications, text messaging (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS), email, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Location based advertising involves strategic advertisement to users based at their location. GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION works for different companies and brands on their advertising needs, which provides these companies with the option to advertise personalized content to a wide mobile customer base. This location based advertising helps to connect with the user instantaneously. Location based advertising includes delivery of advertisements to the users based in different locations. With the help of the location based mobile service one can get high return on investment as compared to the other traditional methods. With the growth in the mobile marketing, location based mobile services immense opportunities are creating for many business organizations. Location Based Advertising services is most personal and direct marketing channel that allow marketers to reach a specific target audience and create campaigns aimed at more specific location, customer’s behavior, handsets, age, gender, household income, lifestyle segment, and time. Location Base Advertising enhances the ability to reach people on the move and in a much more targeted manner than it was possible in the past. As more consumers upgrade to smart phones, there is an enormous year-over-year growth in usage of these location based services.

The following are mobile advertising potentials to marketers (retails, service providers, and consumers packaged goods companies)

    • Location Base services helps in building brand awareness.

    • By location based advertising and target marketing, we can extend special offers and coupons.

    • Advertising help to increase sales and in-store traffic

    • Acquire and retain customers with the help of location base advertising by promoting new products.

    • Location based advertising and mobile marketing services helps in building customer relationships.

    • Location aware promotions are especially useful when it comes to shoppers or service seekers on-the-go. Location aware advertising to promote special deals and drive consumer in-store when they are near retail partners

    • Targeting is the key to success. Location based mobile marketing and mobile advertising can target through a combination parameters including location, interest, and time of day Location Base mobile services capture consumer data and insights to support loyalty programs.

    • Ability to capture consumer data and insights to support loyalty programs

    • Monitor campaign, make adjustments and build qualified databases of respondents to mobile ad campaigns.

    • Ability to customise ads, offers coupons and loyalty-based offering based on location to local consumers.

    • Offers ability to target consumers who are in the “buying mode” and at the point of sale where no other electronic form of marketing can’t reach them

    • Provide paperless and environment friendly advertising tools to incorporate consumer data capture, polls and surveys

    • With the help of location based mobile marketing, we can target consumers according to their requirements.

    • Deliver message to the targeted mobile phone users


 To learn more about GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION location based advertising services and solution please contact us . GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION Location Based Advertising services are affordable and environment friendly solutions.