GDV Global Digital Vision Methodologies




Every company offers the promise of the best and superior quality services and customer satisfaction. Though the services are practically the same; it is the brainstorming, data mining, development and implementation methodologies (project management cycle from initiation to completion) that differentiate any company from its competitor.




Let us read about the Project Management Cycle in detail to see how we ensure quality of our services and products:

Project Analysis: : This is the elementary step of our Project Management chain where we understand the nature, scope and complexity of the project. Before we allocate the work to our engineers, we make sure that we define the project in its entirety, including the tools and technologies to be used, and how are they going to fulfil the projects near and long term goals.

Effort Estimation: This is the next step in the Project Management Cycle, where the programmers, developers and engineers define the cost, time and efforts involved in the project. After considering the tools, technologies, manpower, efforts and time involved in the project, we finalize the project cost and project delivery date. This is an important phase in the PM cycle as it defines the brackets of the project, and drives the employees to meet the deadlines.

Software Requirement Specifications:This is the last step before we start work on any project. This includes drafting and sending the SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) to the client, explaining all the steps and details involved in the work. This helps us to incorporate any changes before we start the work.

Project Initiation:In this step, we actually begin the work. The programmers, developers and engineers devotedly work on the project, along with continuous client interaction to avoid any error(s). Once the project is completed, we send it to the QA (Quality Assurance) team for testing. Technical mistakes, bugs or errors, if any, are removed in this step. We pay great attention to Testing and Implementation, as this is the last step before the project is finally sent to the client.

Project Completion: The project is now considered complete, and is handed over to the client with all the files and documents. This however does not end our task here. GDV understands the importance of customer satisfaction and thus ensures a strong after-sales support.

Every step is carried out with proper planning and schedule, with seamless client interaction. This ensures effective implementation of the project while incorporating the clients needs.

To understand the steps and client engagement process during the project execution in detail, read the Process & Steps page.