Mobile Advertising and Mobile Advertising Companies

Mobile advertising utilises new emerging mobile medium as a means of marketing communication to distribute promotional or advertising messages to reach customer on their mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs, and tablets. Mobile advertising is closely related to online or internet advertising, however the potential to reach customers is far greater considering that mobile advertising is targeted at mobile phones whose number is much greater than the number of computers including both desktops and laptops. The potentials for mobile advertising are enormous considering that people carry their mobiles with them all the time, the fast pace of smart phone deployment and continuously mobile terminal capability increase, as well means location based mobile marketing, base on time, location and user behaviors.

While in some markets, this type of advertising is most commonly seen as a Mobile Web Banner (top of page) or Mobile Web Poster (bottom of page banner); on other side in some markets mobile advertising is dominated by SMS advertising. Other forms include MMS advertising, advertising within mobile games and mobile videos, full-screen interstitials, which appear while a requested item of mobile content or mobile web page is loading up, and audio advertisements that can take the form of a jingle before a voicemail recording, or an audio recording played while interacting with a telephone-based service such as movie ticketing or directory assistance. Additional forms of mobile advertising include, mobile advertising via QR codes, mobile advertising via Bluetooth, mobile advertising via Infrared, mobile advertising via proximity systems, location based advertising (LBA), mobile email advertising, mobile websites, social mobile network advertising, and mobile website SEO.

Mobile advertising offers the ability to select a target audience that matches your target market profile, generating more interest, actions, sales and profits. Unlike other mediums, mobile advertising guarantees communications are seen and heard by relevant audiences and reduces wasteful broadcasting. Mobile advertising friendly to the earth and reduces paper wastage. Mobile represents an exciting and cost effective, complementary or alternative medium for mass marketing.

The mobile marketing channel is available to marketers and advertisers as a fresh and integrated channel to utilize within the overall marketing mix or simply as a standalone medium for the delivery of brand or direct marketing messages.

Mobile advertising differs from most other forms of marketing communication in that it is often user initiated, and requires the expression of consent of the user to receive future communications. A number of important new polices in relation to mobile advertising has been developed mainly due to the fact that mobile devices are intimately personal and are always with the user. Any mobile advertising needs to address the following concerns: mobile spam, personal identification, location information and wireless security.

GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION has developed or has been developing a number of different mobile marketing, mobile advertising platform and services to fit different business scenarios and environments such as

A main statistic data of mobile phone users in Australia for 2011 is provided below:

  • 83% of the adult population
  • 92% of full time workers
  • 95% of 25-34 year olds
  • 78% of teenagers from 14-17 years
  • 52% of pensioners of 70+ years

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