Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are a coupon on mobile, which is similar to a paper print coupons to receive discounts and specials on purchases. The number of mobile phone users is increasing every day, and the mobile coupons are also getting familiar among mobile phone users and retailers. Mobile coupons work in the same way as printed coupons.

Key Benefits of Mobile coupons campaign:

• Mobile coupons increase customer traffic in to your store and have immediate impact on your business
• Build brand loyalty
• Customise offers to specific target customers
• Build database for future mobile marketing campaigns
• Mobile coupons offers, rewards based on redemption and referrals
• Track results by customer, the exact time and purchase location
• Mobile coupons helps in eliminating printing and mailing costs
• Track redemption rates
• Mobile coupons minimise investment in your POS (Point of Sale) set-up

Maximise your marketing strategy with the speed, convenience, and positive return from Mobile Coupons. You can now electronically offer free gifts, discounts, incentives, and reminders with GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION’s Mobile Media Platform.

Any offline coupon campaign can be done as a mobile coupon campaign too.

• Price discounts
• Free product trial offerings
• Cross selling offers
• Free service offers
• Buy 1 get 1 free kind of offers

Use Mobile Coupons to increase sales and promote consumer loyalty.


  • Mobile coupons encourage repeat purchase
  • Increase product awareness
  • Mobile coupons get consumers to try a new product
  • Move overstocked inventory
  • Target specific markets
  • Softening the blow of price increase
  • Launch a new marketing campaign
  • Respond to competitive pressure

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