Mobile Games Solutions

Mobile phones are the ideal communication devices that allow users to communicate wherever they are. They are also the ideal devices on which to play games considering that mobile phone users invariably carry their phones wherever they go. This makes a cell phone the perfect device on which to implement games.


Many companies have launched their new gaming mobiles to get popular in the market and here GDV provides gaming solution for all the gaming consumers, companies, enterprises. With the help of these gaming solutions you can play single as well as multiplayer online games. Until now, most mobile phone games have been designed to be only for single person. A mobile user player against virtual opponents, with the play limited only by phone processor computation power, video capability of mobile phone screen and user interface.


High speed wireless data via mobile phones is beginning to enter the mainstream with all major service providers selling high speed data plans. This with the appearance of smart phones with improved graphics, computation power of application processors and user interfaces opens new opportunities for interactive mobile gaming. GDV is aiming to achieve a unique integration of creative content and technology and provide online interactive gaming solutions and experience where entertainment, social interaction, mobile and internet technologies meet together.


Our interest and experience in the mobile gaming and gaming industry makes us competent to deliver gaming experience of a completely new level. Our Online Mobile Games Solutions fit into the following three categories:


  • Turn Based Games Solutions- We develop Mobile Games Solutions that are turn-based. In these games, a player can play against a friend using the mobile gaming solution with Internet connections. GDV is developing a full mobile Internet gaming solutions so that the user could find a gaming partner, interact with other players, socialise and participate in different competitions all wirelessly and potentially located thousands miles away.


  • Real-Time Strategy Games- Our gaming developers and creative team members are equipped with the latest technologies of RTS (Real Time Strategy) Gaming industry and ready to design games of any complexity. Based on Flash and Java platforms, these mobile games solution could be put online, available for download. All our RTS games are interactive in nature and these games could be played on your handheld devices using wireless connections anywhere and anytime.


  • "Real-Time Action Games- RTA (Real Time Action) Games contain virtual people moving in a real-time virtual environment with real-time requirements. We know the art of creating RTA Games that are dimensional, interactive and intriguing. These games are not feasible on current mobile networks, however with new developing technologies in near future they will become reality. GDV is well prepared to meet these new mobile technologies and gaming technologies in the future.


Mobile Games Solutions from GDV can help companies like yours to meet innovation. Avail our services and get the best Mobile Games Solutions you ever had!