Mobile Marketplace

GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION has been developing online solutions that allow the user to put a request to service providers or product providers to bid for a job/sale. Everything can be done using mobile channel, and that creates mobile marketplace where service providers and product providers are competing for job or sale, bringing price down for users. The mobile marketplace solution allows the users to communicate with bidder until he/she finds the best deal. Users can raise ad at any time from any place from their mobiles, and similarly service providers and product providers can response from their mobiles at any time and from any place. The mobile marketplace platform has two modes:

Mobile Marketplace User seeking mode:

When registered, user could put an ad specifying required service or product, even second hand product request, location, time frame, and other conditions.

Product and service provider mode:

When registered as provider of particular category of service or product, and within service seeker specified location, the provider receives a notification by SMS or mobile email about new ad. If the user decides to bid, first need to pay or use credits.

The mobile marketplace solution allows service provider to communicate with the service seeker, however the platform doesn’t allow direct communication and bypass of market place application. Once service seeker selects provider, or the ad expires the request will be closed into database.

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