Mobile Media

Mobile Media    

Create and distribute interactive SMS and rich media campaigns through any mobile device. In GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION solution the mobile media coverage is achieved through the following location based services types:

  • Macro location based on cellular phone data connection. Location is determined based on device GPS reporting or Cell ID reporting. The area could be very small from a hundred meters diameter to lager area to cover whole country.

  • Micro location based Wi-Fi hot spots.

  • Nano location based on Bluetooth and location determination within hot spot (receive Wi-Fi signal measurements algorithms).

  • Pico location based on Near Field Communications (NFC) and proximity card standard (RFID).

The mobile media network is available continuously; however the user controls what and when to listen in similar way as for the convention radio and TV media. The user controls which type of location to chose, when and what content to receive.

Our aim is to fulfill our client needs and help them communicate with their customers over the mobile media. Mobile is one of the most widespread and fastest growing media channels in the world. The mobile media network is more interactive and controllable media compare with traditional media. The user controls when and what to receive, can be notified when particular information is available based on preferences, location, time and life style. The user can get engage and interact with network or other users. To receive mobile media content the user need to register after installing the application.


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