Global Digital Vision Process and Steps

We follow few process and steps while we work closely with our clients. These steps help us define our working methodologies and the clients engagement in the process.

1. Information Gathering When we propose a deal, we meet the client and exchange the information for their service/solution. This includes the following:

1.1 Info form filling up - We make the client fill the Information Form that helps us to know their business nature and understand their requirements in proposing a solution for them. This helps us to chart out the business requirements and scope of project.

1.2 Face to face meeting/interview -
Face-to-face meeting/interview helps us to know the clients needs in detail. If the client resides in and around Australia, we try and fix a physical interview that helps establish a business bond as well.

1.3 Phone/email discussion -
If the physical meeting/interview is not possible with the client, we arrange for a phone/email discussion wherein we clear all the doubts and queries related to the service or solution we propose and our working methodologies.

2. Quotation  Corresponding to the project effort estimation and SRS (System Requirements Specification) document, we then fix a quote for the project. This is done in two simple steps:

2.1 Project conformation by reviewing SRS - We write requirements and quote the project amount to the client and conform the project initiation after a mutual discussion.

2.2 Quotation with phase payment - As per our terms and conditions, we then discuss the project quotation with the phase payment. We keep the projects payment policies clear before the start of the project and nothing is hidden in between the lines.

3. Agreement/Contract   After a mutual agreement of project scope and project price quotation, we sign an agreement/contract with the client, listing the terms and conditions during the tenure of the project. This may also include the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if required.

3.1 Signing contract for the project (MOU) - To ensure the confidentiality of the your project and the services & solutions provided by us, we sign and propose you to sign a project contract that may consist of MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) that describes a bilateral or multilateral agreement between parties.


4. Active involvement during project execution  We offer our full support and involvement to ensure effective projects execution. Our team members at various levels work with you to guarantee your satisfaction to the maximum level.

4.1 Visibility of Progress - To help you keep a close track on your project, our team members keep you updated with the development of the project. You can also send your feedbacks and suggestions.

4.2 Interactive adjustment - We carry out any required changes, modifications and amendments suggested by you, without any qualms. We are committed to make you happy with the final outcome and all our moves are directed towards the same.

5. Maintenance and Support We offer full support with our clients even after the delivery of the project. We ensure a bug-free project and also extend post sales services.

5.1 Free bug fixing period - Any bugs or errors found after the execution of the project would be firmly dealt with during this period.