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GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION SMS solutions is an end to end secure hosted transaction platform which brings value added services on mobile and enables enterprises to capitalise the mobile communication cannel in order to reach out to their Customers and Stakeholders in record time and to reduce operation costs and improve customer satisfaction. With GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION SMS solutions and services:

  • Business can send personalised and relevant information as SMS, text messages to customers, vendors and employees.

  • With the help of SMS solutions, Enterprise/business can broadcast text messages to thousands of customers in a single go.

  • SMS solutions help broadcast product and service promotions to end customers.

  • Customers can contact businesses through mobile solutions to get information about a product or service or to get auto-respond to their queries.

  • SMS solutions help field staff who are on the move can retrieve real-time information for better business decisions.

  • With these SMS solutions , business can send info about customer calls to the field staff that can react or reach to customers quickly.

GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION Service Offerings include marketing, communication, m-commerce and mobile value added services and tools:

  • Barcode Coupons (Discount Coupons)

  • Barcode Ticket (Platform & Event tickets, Travels)

  • Voting/ Polling Solutions

  • Contest Solution

  • Picture Classifieds

  •  Appointments booking (Hospitals, Beautician and Automobile service centers, etc)

  • Mobile Marketing solutions.

  • Bulk SMS

  •  Ad- Funded SMS

  • Opt-in Service (widget and SMS based)

  • Reminder Service Solutions

  • Reminder Service with widget

  • Long Code/ Short code/ Keyword/ 2 –way SMS

  • Dynamic Business Template for Enterprise SMS

  • Customized enterprise messaging solutions.

The mobile channel can be used either as a one-way communication from Business to Customers, or as a 2-way interactive communication between Customer and Business.

Key Features of GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION SMS solution:


  • SMS Solution helps in personalised messaging using Custom templates.

  •  Web-based and user friendly interfaces.

  •  Ease of integration with Enterprise application and databases.

  •  SMS Solution services are available in packages for many verticals.

  •  Enterprise can purchase the available package form GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION and start using the SMS solutions immediately.

  • SMS Solution is a self service platform, which doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate.

  • This SMS Solution helps in Payment can be done through online & offline.

  • GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION packages are available at affordable price.

GLOBAL DIGITAL VISION SMS Solution is a self service platform and all its services are available in SaaS software as a service model. Tariffs and further instructions are available at our dedicated website..... For SMS Solution services.

Descriptions of services are available at this link

SaaS model of providing services is briefly explained